We are stars.

Our lives have been guided by our desires of challenging ourselves. However, there are some periods where destiny guided us without telling us where to go, or how to go on. Life is full of changes where who really knows how to face them is who will win. There is a game out there; a game that must be played in the best possible way. There are not winners, or losers, however, the losers will win; they know what to do as well as the winners whom have the power in their hands, and do not know how to use it, so they are the losers then. Since our beginning, some few have had the power of governing, but…Here we are. Government means to make and administer the public policy; policies that are being corrupted since we were created by… by??? Where are we living? There is the Universe out there, above us, and we continue living our lives with the same passive condition of not doing anything to solve who we really are.

Let’s wake up today. Let’s stand up for our rights. What rights are we talking about? Are there rights? There are duties, “social duties” we got to follow to fit in a society where it is not up to you how to live, unfortunately.

Our lives have been guided by our desires of challenging ourselves. However, our controlled minds do not have, sometimes, the enough capacity of choosing the best way to act within this community full of walking diseases. Diseases that sooner than later will kill us; one by one as the Roman Empire killed in order to shine. The sun is not shining today, however, I got to keep under control the energy the sun has to give life to us. We are made by the same composition the Universe is made. We are stars, we were born of a star; a huge star called… We do not know; we do not know yet what is going on around us. At least, we do not have enough knowledge to carry out our own cross until our death; we will die, however, we will find the light of the star who took millions of millions of years in creating us, and here we are challenging ourselves creating desires guided by the energy we represent in the universe; place where we will be sooner that later.

Boston, Spring 2014.

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