Sigo la necesidad de escribir.

My hands are already guided by the deepest of my heart’s feelings. A master has died. Gabriel José de la Concordia García Marquez has died. Nevertheless, his words are going to be forever with us. Thanks to his writings, teachings, and advices to his followers I write nowadays.

By remembering not only my high school years, but also my college ones, Gabo guided many of my thoughts as young and inexperienced reader as well as writer. By reading his stories, and following his tone, style, passion and way of writing, I could understand the fantastic habit of expressing myself by written words. As journalist, Gabriel García Marquez gave me inspiration to write journalistic reports; he taught me, without know, how to spend my time writing about whatever happen in my life. Making my topics the news I have read in the newspaper, as he used to do, I could find a great inspiration to create wonderful, extraordinary and unique articles, interviews, chronicles, reports, and free time stories writings. 

Spring 2014

Saludos, buen viaje Maestro Gabriel.

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